We are two inseparable venezuelan sisters living and creating in California. We love what we do and do it virtually together. Dariela from San Diego and me from Los Angeles. The unique way in which we work is what makes our sauce special.

Everything we create has one sole purpose: To infuse your life with creativity, a sense of style and bold vibrant designs.


We created this website to have an area dedicated mostly to the “Bold vibrant designs” part of our mission. Nonetheless, for us the three elements in our purpose are inseparable. They just go so well together, like clouds and the sky. We took more time to explain it better here on our main virtual home.

Creativity runs through our veins and it runs through your veins too. Yes! we all have the capacity for creation, innovation and manifesting our ideas. We hope our work serves as a reminder of the magic we all have inside.

In our lives creativity manifests as an everyday flow. We paint, photograph and design bright patterns and elements. We make Art and this is what we love to do. We make beautiful designs for products and environments to evoke feelings of boldness and courage, to inspire vibrancy and happiness.

Companies license or purchase our art (the ones you see on this website) to put them into their products. Meaning print them into their products or wrap it around their products.

What type of products you will ask? The list is long yet the most common ones are, stationary, beddings, curtains, boxes, luggages, journals, wall art, fabrics, gift wraps, wallpaper and so on.


When we find ourselves in conversations about what we do for a living, people always ask us – How did you guys started doing this? I didn’t even know that existed!

Well to be honest we didn’t know either. Back in the day, I used to work in a paper store. I wanted every single thing that store had. I was in love with their products, mainly because of the design it had.  But more than wanting the products to use them I used to dream about one day designing similar products. I will turn over the greeting cards, the wrapping papers and the journals to check the back and see what company made them; then I would write down the names and I would look them up on the internet one by one. Up to that point we had already started our former Company Folklore Eye, more about the years before then here.

Fast forward 5 years and I was there working in one of those companies designing those very cute cards I used to hold in my hands at the store. My sister and I will talk about it as if it was a sweet secret revealing to us little by little. It was sitting in that same desk that I realized creating artwork that could be translated into products and in turn make people happy was what we wanted to do. We were both discovering this possibility together and the more we knew about it the more we immersed ourselves into it. Being an insider in the Industry taught us and guided us to where we are now.

We love sharing our imagination with you through our art. If you like looking at our designs and want to receive an email once a month filled with everything new we have created come this way!



ARTIST & OPERATIONS GURU. Everything I know about design I owe it to my mom and my sister. My mom for exposing me to it, and emulating it to me. My sister for patiently teaching me and answering all of my questions for years. That being said I am a self-taught designer. I never went to design school. I hold a BA in Marketing and Advertising. Yet, I am a confirmed eternal student. Addicted to all sort of courses, classes, summits, conferences there could be for creative entrepreneurs.

I love combining digital art with hand painted art. All my paintings are an experiment. I always feel like I don’t know what I’m doing when I paint the first stroke in a blank canvas.

  • I recently started calling my self Artist instead of designer.
  • I get inspired by quotes and ideas that run through my head when I shower and when I drive.
  • I also get inspired by characters I watch in movies and by the connotation of new and unique words.
  • I struggle with painting everyday, my favorite things to paint are flowers, animals and food.
  • I practice intuitive decision making using meditation and a pendulum.
  • I’m crazy about salsa dancing and about cats.
  • I speak portuguese, spanish and english.
  • I don’t feel I have reached my full potential yet.
  • I am a confirmed planner. I enjoy stimulating both sides of my brain
  • I embrace my multi passion personality!
  • I forgot to tell you I’m also passionate about becoming a better person everyday.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR. If there is one thing I’ve never doubted in my life that will be the fact that I wanted to be a designer. Actually I was already designing anything I could think of by the age of 9. I would draw, paint, make stationery sets and make name stickers for people to keep. By the time I was ready for college Graphic Design was a relatively new career in Venezuela. I never felt I belonged more than how I felt in those classes. It was as if the curriculum was made for me.

  • Now a days I still have the same feeling of certainty. I’m doing what I love everyday of my life.
  • I have 2 beautiful kids. Adrian and Maya. I am as devoted to my family as I am to my creative endeavors.
  • In fact my true balance comes from the right mix between my family and my creative passions.
  • I love social media. Something about telling and sharing my story daily really resonates with me.
  • I get inspired by my kids and what they say, by nature and by everything I see through my camera lens.
  • I couldn’t live without my photography. Archiving memories through a picture is the best human invention to me
  • I dream of owning a little photo studio where I can put all my photo props.
  • I’m a advocate for raising kids bilingual and I practice what I preach every day.
  • I am the happiest girl with an iced latte in my hand.

OPERATIONS. Working with creative entrepreneurs has been a goal of mine for decades but wasn’t my first career choice. My undergraduate degree is in Computer Science and I enjoy the challenges of technology. At the same time, I’ve always wanted to work on creative projects and with creative people, so after working for 25 years at a Fortune 500 company, I left my secure IT job. My family inspired me to make that leap. I grew up surrounded by arts advocates and appreciators; my husband and older son are both visual artists; my younger son is a musician; and I love photography and drawing. Daily, I see first hand the challenges creatives face.

Now, I wake up every day fulfilled, knowing that I get to help artists manage their creative projects and promote their works. Helping them, helps me to be a better artist as well. I love my job!

  • I have a personal philosophy: Learn. Do. Show. It’s simple, but informs everything I do.
  • I enjoy volunteering with a variety of nonprofits and prefer local organizations. Social justice, environmental, historical and artist associations are my favorite groups to work with.
  • I am an emerging photographer and am still working to find my voice. My favorite genres are still-life, florals, and Americana.
  • I have found a home in the rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains. My favorite weekend thing to do is go hiking in the woods or near a lake.
  • I’m an advocate for an active lifestyle. It’s too easy as a creative person to sit at my workstation all day.
  • I grew up in a family of all girls (I have 3 sisters) and always wondered what being in a family of boys would be like. Now, I’m the only female in a family of boys (husband and 2 sons). And I recently became a Granny to a beautiful bouncy baby boy!
  • I’m passionate about the healing power of the arts. My dream is to start a nonprofit that helps place works of art in places like hospitals, nursing homes and retirement centers, health centers, etc.